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SIVROCK Portable Tire Inflator 150 PSI for Car Tires, DV 12V, 6000mah for Motorbikes Balls, Bicycles, Air Pump, Power Bank & Led Flashlight 3-in-1 – Under CA$ 50

About Sivrock [PR-1120] Portable Tire Inflator 150 PSI for Car

  1. MAX 150PSI & 1Min Fast Inflation: Portable tire inflator can reach a maximum pressure of 150PSI and fill tires quickly, inflating car tires from 25-36PSI in just 1 minute. It’s versatile too, working for car, motorcycle, bicycle tires, as well as sports balls and toys.
  2. LED Digital Display and Automatic Stop: With an accurate pressure gauge and large LED display, you can easily set and monitor tire pressure. Once the desired pressure is reached, the portable tire inflator automatically stops, preventing over-inflation and ensuring safe usage.
  3. Small and Portable Metal Design: Made of sturdy metal with heat dissipation design, our inflator is durable and easy to grip. Its compact size (563.151.6inch) makes it perfect for travel, storing easily in your car or backpack.
  4. 6000mAh Battery and 12v DC Dual Power: Equipped with both car and USB charging cables, our inflator offers flexible power options. Plus, its 6000mAh battery provides 30 minutes of uninterrupted inflation.
  5. 3-in-1 Air Pump, Flashlight & Power Bank: Portable tire inflator is a versatile emergency tool, featuring an air pump, flashlight with three modes, and power bank with Type-C and USB ports. It’s handy for various emergencies, day or night.
  6. Package Includes: Our package includes the portable tire inflator, various nozzle adapters, charging cables, and a manual. It’s not just an inflator but also a power bank and flashlight, ready for any situation.

Technical Details and Additional Information of Sivrock [PR-1120] Portable Tire Inflator:

Pros and Cons of the Sivrock [PR-1120] Portable Tire Inflator 150 PSI for Car:

Versatile: The SIVROCK Portable Tire Inflator can inflate various items like car tires, motorbike tires, balls, and bicycles.

Portable: Its compact design makes it easy to carry and store for on-the-go use.

Multi-functionality: It serves as an air pump, power bank, and LED flashlight, offering versatility in emergency situations.

High Pressure: With a max pressure of 150 PSI, it quickly inflates tires to the desired level.

Rechargeable: The built-in 6000mAh battery provides long-lasting power for cordless operation.

Limited Battery Life: May require frequent recharging for extended use.

Durability Issues: Potential reliability concerns with frequent or heavy usage.

Compatibility Limitations: Not compatible with all valve types.

Slow Inflation Speed: Inflation speed may be slower compared to larger inflators.

Limited Warranty: May come with a short warranty period.


In summary, the SIVROCK Portable Tire Inflator is a useful gadget for pumping up various items such as car tires, bicycles, and sports balls. It’s lightweight and doubles as a power bank or flashlight in case of emergencies. Whether you’re driving or biking, this tool ensures you’re ready for your journey. Don’t forget to review the warranty policy before making your purchase.

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